MS116 High Elastic Compression Knee Sleeve


Ms116 Is a Knee Brace That Protects The Legs. It Adopts Knitted High-Elastic Fabric, Silicone Non-Slip Design, Fits Ergonomics, Comfortable To Wear, Strong Protection.


Shanghai, China

Production Capacity

1000~5000 Pieces Per Day

Payment Terms

D/P, L/C, PayPal, T/T, VISA, Western Union




Nylon, Polyester & Cotton, Spandex And Rubber


Customize Color


L, M, S, XL



Transport Package

By Air, By Sea, By Courier



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Company Advantage

We promoted the technical innovation in the sports facilities production. The MS Industry has been keeping developing!

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Guarantee Policy

We provide with free on-site return within 3 months. But gain PERMANENT GUARANTEE with long cooperation order!

Payment Terms

We are committed to providing the most convenience payment terms; The Clients can choose T/T, L/C, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and West Union!

Packing Standard

The most environmentally friendly and strong packaging, the clients no need worry in the delivery process!

Transportation & Delivery

We provide the most convenient, safe, fast Transport after we get the purchase order, even provide home delivery!

Details About MS116 High Elastic Compression Knee Sleeve


Ms116 Is a Knee Brace That Protects The Legs. It Adopts Knitted High-Elastic Fabric, Silicone Non-Slip Design, Fits Ergonomics, Comfortable To Wear, Strong Protection.The Good Compression Can Make Your Knee Covered Completely.
It Provides Warmth, Comfort, Superior Flexibility And Durability For Daily Wear.


  1. Fits Tightly Around Knees: Mixed Elastic Compression Sleeves With An Anti-Slip Design Fits Tight, So It Always Stays Put No Matter The Physical Activity.
  2. Silicone Non-Slip Inside: Inside The Knee Protector, a Silicone Non-Slip Strip Is Designed To Increase Knee Adhesion And Reduce Slippage. The Elastic Knee Support Provides Support To Your Patella.
  3. Special Knitted Technical Design With Two Silicone Gel Strips, Ensuring Your Sleeve Stays Always Put, No Matter The Physical Activity! The Beautiful Design Of The Sleeve Makes You Look Fashionable Anywhere Anytime.
  4. Adjustable: High-Density Knitted Fabric And Gradient Decompression Weaving Not Only Provide You With All-Round Quality Protection But Also Breathable. Besides, It Is Also Comfortable To Wear!
  5. Flexible, Breathable Fabric: Spiral Elastic Weaving And Sable’s Comfortable Fitting Fabric Give You a Healthier Lifestyle.
  6. Knee Support For All Sports: Deal For Runners, Joggers, Or Athletes. Weightlifters Or Fitness Conscious Who Indulge In Intensive Workouts.
  7. Metal Elastic Support Bar Grows A Wonderful Protector. So The Protected Person Is Not Easily Deformed And Hurt.
  8. Effective In Managing Knee Pain Caused By Exercise Or Any Activity That Puts Pressure On Your Knees, Reduces Swelling, Inflammation, Stiffness, And Supports In Muscle Recovery, Also It Has Heating Effect For Muscular Recovery.
  9. 360° Protection Ergonomic Knee Pads Provide All-Round Movement And Comprehensive Protection.
  10. Breathable Mesh: More Suitable And Comfortable When You Are Doing Various Outdoor And Indoor Activities.
  11. High-Performance Fabric Keeps An Optimal Joint Temperature Provides Optimal Muscle Support Between Workouts And Daily Leisure Activities. Improves Oxygen Delivery And Increases Performance.
  12. Teenagers Who Indulge In Sports Or Old People Who Suffer From Knee Pain Due To Ageing Or Arthritis And Find It Difficult Even To Climb Stairs Or Move Around. Professional Sportsmen Who Cannot Avoid The Exertion. Help You Get More Wonderful Achieves!

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