MS119 Polyester Dot Matrix Heating Knee Pads


Human Aging Begin On Two Legs!  In The Winter, If You Do Not Pay Attention To Protect Your Knees, You Will Accelerate The Aging Of Your Legs. Take Care Of Your Family. Start With a Knee. Cycling Workers, The Elderly, The Old Cold Legs, Need To Adhere To The Masses Of Warm And Warm Day. Elders, Friends Gifts.


Shanghai, China

Production Capacity

1000~5000 Pieces Per Day

Payment Terms

D/P, L/C, PayPal, T/T, VISA, Western Union




Warm Your Knee


Black, Grey


L, M, XL


Cotton-Latex Yarn, Nylon, Polyester & Cotton



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By Air, By Sea, By Courier



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We promoted the technical innovation in the sports facilities production. The MS Industry has been keeping developing!

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We provide with free on-site return within 3 months. But gain PERMANENT GUARANTEE with long cooperation order!

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We are committed to providing the most convenience payment terms; The Clients can choose T/T, L/C, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and West Union!

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Details About MS119 Polyester Dot Matrix Heating Knee Pads


MS119 Polyester Dot Matrix Heating Knee Pads Lift Joint Support Knee Pads Are Here For You! Strong Sweat Absorption, Comfortable And Breathable, Based On The Ergonomic Design, High Elasticity Not Bloated, Comprehensive Coverage Makes It Be A Wonderful Knee Warm Brace!


  1. Strong Sweat Absorption, Comfortable And Breathable, Healthy And Warm. Under The Same Conditions, The Moisture Regain Rate Of Thermal Fiber Exceeds 45%, And The Breathability Is 3.5 Times Stronger Than Cotton. This Pair Of Knee Pads Is a Breakthrough Product That’s Made To Let You Perform Daily Tasks More Efficiently And Comfortably.
  2. Fits The Skin, Soft, And Comfortable. There Is No Tightness To Wear, Light And Comfortable, Very Safe And Healthy. The Mineral Heating Dot Matrix Heat, Free Heating, Warm Knees. Soft Self-Adhesive Pad For High Elasticity And Easy Access.
  3. Strong Lifting Power: Each Pad Can Withstand a Weight Of Up To 20 Kilograms. It Can Lighten About 40kgs From Your Own Weight! Makes You Feel Light, Allowing You To Lift Each Knee Easily As You Go Along With Your Activities. Powerful Rebound Spring Force-It Works To Support Your Thighs And Calves, Effectively Reducing The Pressure On Your Knees.
  4. Breathable Mesh, Non-Slip Fabric- It’s Comfortable… Whether Worn Directly Wrapped Around Your Bare Knees Or Over Your Pants. Tread Light, Pain-Free, And Comfortably With The Help Of This Innovative Power Lift Joint Support Knee Pads! You’ll Never Have To Worry About Joint Discomfort Again.
  5. Effective Joint Care: Have You Ever Used Multiple Knee Pads, But Still Feel Joints Swollen, Weak Knees And Fear Of Cold. Being Able To Warm Yourself Is The Key To Knee Care! Wearing This Knee Brace Can Relieve Pain And Discomfort At The Knees And Joints, And Prevent Elderly Legs. Suitable For Your Parents, Friends, Or Alone.
  6. According To The Ergonomic Design, The Humanized Four Sides Have Three Times The Elasticity, And The Activity Is Easy To Put On And Take Off, And It Is Not Easy To Deform. The Ergonomic Design, The Structure Is Tight And Tight, And The Knee Can Be Bent At Will Without Feeling Tight And Sliding Down.
  7. The Product Pins Are Superb And Tight, Even And Tidy, It Is Not Easy To Take Off The Line, And The Seaming Process Can Also Prolong The Service Life. It Helps Protect The Knee During Daily Activities And Health Care.
  8. Continued Warm: Smooth To The Touch And More Comfortable Skin-Friendly Fabrics, Plus Velvet Knee, Sustained Thermostat. Comfortable Lint, Personal Or Exciting, Three-Dimensional Knit, Breathable Warmth.
  9. High Elasticity Not Bloated, High Elasticity, Not Self Bloated, Pressure Equalization, Bendable. Widening Shut, One Synthetic, Strengthen Strong. Widening Shut Not Decline, Not Le Leg.
  10. Promote Metabolism, Regulate The Human Nervous System, Endocrine, Activate Pain, Vasodilation, Relieve Local Physical Fatigue, And Pain. Suitable For People With Joint Pain, Arthritis, Bone Hyperplasia And Leg Muscle Pain
  11. Fast Heating: We Choose Thermal-Friendly Environmentally Friendly Resin, Which Can Quickly Reach Comfortable Temperature In 5 Minutes.
  12. Comprehensive Coverage: The Combination Of The Dot Matrix Heating Structure And Thermal New Printing Technology Enables Our Joints To Wait Around For Full-Scale Warmth. Cotton Material, Breathable And Warm, Can Keep Warm For The Knee. The Use Of Self-Heating Materials Helps To Improve Blood Circulation, Promote Metabolism, Clear The Meridians And Improve Immunity.
  13. It Can Actually Help Relieve Local Body Fatigue And Pain, Anti-Inflammatory And Analgesia, Swelling. Promote Metabolism And Cleanse The Meridians, Improve Immunity.

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