MS122 Knee Support With Four Springs Open Patella


If You Are Looking For a Knee Brace That Fits Your Body, Stays Snug And Tight To Provide Long Lasting, Effective Support The Ms122 Is Made For You!


Shanghai, China

Production Capacity

1000~5000 Pieces Per Day



Payment Terms

D/P, L/C, PayPal, T/T, VISA, Western Union


Wear-Resistant, Relieve Knee Pain


One Size And Can Adjustable


Black, Customize Color, Grey


Imitation N Cloth, Neoprene, OK Cloth, SBR



Transport Package




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Company Advantage

We promoted the technical innovation in the sports facilities production. The MS Industry has been keeping developing!

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Guarantee Policy

We provide with free on-site return within 3 months. But gain PERMANENT GUARANTEE with long cooperation order!

Payment Terms

We are committed to providing the most convenience payment terms; The Clients can choose T/T, L/C, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and West Union!

Packing Standard

The most environmentally friendly and strong packaging, the clients no need worry in the delivery process!

Transportation & Delivery

We provide the most convenient, safe, fast Transport after we get the purchase order, even provide home delivery!

Details About MS122 Knee Support With Four Springs Open Patella



MS122 Has High Elasticity, Which Makes it Easy To Wear.  Elastic And Sweat-Absorbing, Designed With Elastic Steel Straps To Support The Knee, High – Quality Knee Guard, Four Spring Sport Knee Support.


  1. A High – Quality Knee Brace Four Spring Sport Knee Support Ms122 Is a Popular Used Knee Brace That Is Very Effective For People Who Often Have Head-Related Activities.
  2. A Knee Brace Is Designed To Help You Protect Against Possible Injuries And Support Weak Muscles.
  3. Silicone Non-Slip Bars: So Comfortable That You Hardly Notice You Are Wearing It With Silicone Non-Slip Strips.
  4. Breathable Punch Inside: Rounded, Double Stitched Edges For Comfort And Durability.
  5. Four Spring Support: Four Spring Supports Protect The Knees And Thighs, Help Exercise More Effort-Saving, And Avoid Injuries Caused By Strenuous Exercise.
  6. Eva Patellar Damping: Open Patella, Full Movement And Flexibility Of The Joint While You Exercise.
  7. High – Quality Materials: Blend Of Quality Neoprene, Nylon & Polyester To Form a Firm Bond With The Adjustable Fastening.
  8. The One Size Designed To Work For a Knees Measuring 23-61cm Around Leg At Knee Cap.
  9. Thick Enough To Produce The Heat Needed To Get Results And Hold It’s Shape.
  10. Suitable For Left Or Right Legs. You Don’t Need To Worry Buy a Wrong Knee. Because Of This Knee Suitable For Both Left Leg And Right Leg.
  11. Knee Washing: The Special Design Made It To Last And Easy To Wash And Keep Clean.
  12. When You Put On The Ms122 Knee Brace You Will Instantly Feel a Difference In Knee Support. This Effect Will Last Throughout Your Entire Workout, Providing The Best Quality To Help You Continue Your Exercise.

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