MS123 Elastic Bandage Prevent Knee Sprain


Ms123 Is An Adjustable Knee Straps. It Has Many Special Features. Lightweight, Ductile And Breathable; Elastic Firm And Adjustable; Silicon Not To Slip Etc. Suit For Various Sports Gym, Soccer, Cycling, Basketball, Volleyball, Jogging Etc


Shanghai, China

Production Capacity

1000~5000 Pieces Per Day



Payment Terms

D/P, L/C, PayPal, T/T, VISA, Western Union


Wear-Resistant, Protect Knee Avoid Injuries


One Size Fit


Black, Grey, Orange


Elestic Rubber, Nylon, Spandex



Transport Package

Customized Packing



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We promoted the technical innovation in the sports facilities production. The MS Industry has been keeping developing!

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We provide with free on-site return within 3 months. But gain PERMANENT GUARANTEE with long cooperation order!

Payment Terms

We are committed to providing the most convenience payment terms; The Clients can choose T/T, L/C, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and West Union!

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The most environmentally friendly and strong packaging, the clients no need worry in the delivery process!

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Details About MS123 Elastic Bandage Prevent Knee Sprain



Ms123 Is An Adjustable Knee Straps And It’s Target Users Can Do Various Sports, For Example, Gym, Soccer, Cycling, Basketball, Volleyball, Jogging Etc. 4-Way Stretch, Suitable For All Foot Sizes.


  1. Overcoming The Disadvantages Of Similar Products On The Market, The Bandages Are Added With 4 Wavy Silicon Lines. Limit Slippery Ability During Exercise.
  2. 4-Dimensional Stretch Material Helps You Make The Most Comfortable Stretching, Stretching, Or Deep Stretching Movements. The Design Is Also Suitable For All Foot Sizes.
  3. Knee Protectors Were Born To Assist The Practitioner In Heavy Workouts. It Helps To Increase The Certainty Of The Double Shock, Avoiding Common Injuries Such As Muscle Tension, Knee Tear…
  4. Ms123 New Sports Knee Band Also Has a Wider And Thicker Version That Protects The Kneecap, Reduces The Pressure On The Cartilage And Kneecap.
  5. It Can Also Be Used For People Who Are Recovering From An Injury. It Helps Immobilize The Legs And Still Move Easily.
  6.  Use Before Starting Exercise Or During Injury Recovery Wrap Each Round Around Your Knee. Fit-It With Stickers.
  7. The Strap Is 150cm Long And 8cm Wide. It Can Effectively Protect The Moving Parts. At The Same Time, It Is Suitable For Different Human Bodies, And One Size Can Be Used More. Use a Good Friend To Increase Friendship.
  8. The Elaborately Designed High-Quality Velcro Makes The Knee Pads More Secure. The Fine Needle Thread Sewing Embodies The Spirit Of Professionalism And Craftsmanship.
  9. There Are Silicone Straps Everywhere In The Strap. The Four Wavy Designs Fill The Entire Strap And Can Fit The Legs Effectively. Even If You Sweat, It Will Not Slip. It Brings You a Perfect Sports Experience.
  10. Nylon High Elastic Fabric Makes The Entire Protective Belt More Lightweight, Ductile And Breathable. The Material Long Time For Use. High Breathable Material, Sweat Absorbent, Keeping Your Patella Dry And Comfortable.
  11. Factory Outlet, Quality Assured With Competitive Price, Various Of Patterns For Choice. Exquisite Workmanship, Well – Distributed And Compact Thread.
  12. High Elastic, Tightness Adjustable, Proper Pressure To The Patella. Adjuvant Therapy For Patella Hurts And Pains. High Elastic, Tightness Adjustable, Proper Pressure To The Patella.

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