MS125 Silicone Sport Patella Knee Protector Belt


The Ms125 Patella Strap Is a High – Quality Adjustable Knee Brace That Has Been Designed To Help Provide Relief From Patellar And Anterior Knee Pain Caused From Frequent Impact Such As Running And Jumping.


Shanghai, China

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1000~5000 Pieces Per Day



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Special Material Drains Away Moisture


Neoprene, Silicone and Lycra


Black, Blue, Customize Color

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Details About MS125 Silicone Sport Patella Knee Protector Belt



The Pressure Pad In The Ms125 Sports Patella Strap Compresses The Knee Tendon Below The Kneecap For Effective Support. This Gentle Pressure Controls Movement And Force Through The Kneecap As Well As Correcting Patella Alignment. As a Result Pain Around The Front Of The Knee Is Reduced.


  1. High Quality & Durable – This Adjustable Knee Strap Is Made Up Of High-Quality Materials Which Gives It Longer Life And Makes It Durable. Unlike Other Knee Straps Available In The Market Which Gives You a Scratchy Feeling, These Straps Are Made Of High-Quality Neoprene & Nylon Which Makes It Light & Soft, So You Don’t Feel Any Weight On Your Knees.
  2. The Fabric Absorbs The Sweat And Thus Prevents Any Wet Or Slippery Feeling On The Knee. Wear This Knee Strap On, You Can Workout Without Worrying About.
  3. Relief From Knee Pain – If You Are Suffering From Knee Pain, Doing Any Kind Of Exercise, Or Even a Walk, Seems Like a Big Task. This Knee Strap Provides a Way To Do Exercise Without Worrying About The Knee Pain.
  4. The Knee Strap Goes Around Your Knee, Right Below Your Kneecap, And Over Your Patellar Tendon To Provide Support For Your Knees, Which Releases The Tension, And Gives You Immediate Relief From The Knee Pain.
  5. Fully Adjustable – This Knee Strap Is Fully Adjustable And Provides a Nice, Tight Compression Fit To Your Desired Level. Dual Velcro Fasteners Allow Individual Adjustment Of Compression Brace. The Curve Of The Straps Allows You To Fully Adjust Them To The Curve Of Your Knee. The Perfect Fit Of The Strap Reduces The Pressure On The Patella Tendon And Thus Helps To Alleviate The Pain While Running Or Exercising. Moreover, The Strap Can Be Adjusted To Fit Almost Everyone.
  6. Comfortable & Stays In Place – This Knee Strap Provides Patellar Support With Soft Neoprene Padding For Comfort. These Are Adjustable With Hook-And-Loop Fastener Straps And Are Very Comfortable To Wear. It Doesn’t Restrict Your Movements And Lets You Do Any Physical Activity With Ease. The Padding Provides Good Support For The Knee Especially When You’Re Walking Up Or Down An Incline.
  7. MS125 Is A Premium Medical Knee Strap. The Shape Of The Strap Ensures Maximum Adhesion To The Knee And Unrestricted Movement.
  8. Low Design With Non-Slip Material: The Design Material Is Not Easy To Fall Down On The Low Side. It Is Better To Protect The Patella Belt And Protect Your Knee Movement.
  9. Special Material Drains Away Moisture. High Molecular Polymer Material, Strong Ability To Absorb Sweat. Quickly Absorb Sweat During Exercise. Ensure The Dryness Of The Knee. Moisture Is Discharged Quickly, Volatilization Quickly.
  10. Antimicrobial Technology Reduces Odor. Will Not Be In An Embarrassing Environment Because Of Sweating And Smell.
  11. Easy And Fast Maintenance – Simply Rub The Brace With Mild Detergent, Rinse Thoroughly And Let Dry.
  12. These Wristbands Have Been Ergonomically Designed For The Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Tendinitis, RepetitiveExercise Stress Or Injury, Wrist Sprain And Strain, And Various Other Wrist Conditions.
  13. They Also Help To Provide Comfort, Firm Support, And Protection For Weak Or Post-Cast Wrist. Helps Relieve Pain And Swelling. Associated With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, And Tendonitis. Also Ideal For The Prevention And Healing Of Sporting Injuries Or Repetitive Stress Injuries.

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