MS500 Self Massage Electric Vibrating Foam Roller


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Shanghai, China



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D/P, L/C, PayPal, T/T, VISA, Western Union


EVA /EPP Textured Foam +ABS/PVC Tube


45cm*15cm or 13.5cm*30cm


Black, Blue, Customize Color



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Shrink Wrap Or Color Box Or Brown Box Or White Box


50 Pieces

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Details About MS500 Self Massage Electric Vibrating Foam Roller




This MS500 Self Massage Electric Vibrating Foam Roller Is Suitable For Running, Yoga, Crossfit, Swimming, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Soccer, And Many Other Types Of Sports And Exercise. Additionally It Helps When Sitting a Lot At Work To Release Tension Of The Leg And Back Muscles When Used Regularly. Electrical Foam Rolling Is The Cutting Edge Technology In Self Massage And Pain Relief – Try Out Your Ms500 Self Massage Electric Vibrating Foam Roller!


  1. Roll Out Better Than Ever – Warm Up And Recover Like Never Before With The Next-Generation Foam Roller With Vibration! Powerful Pulses Reverberate Through Tight And Sore Muscles, Thwarting Tension And Soreness Like No Regular Roller Ever Could.
  2. Incredible Engine – Vigorous Workouts Require Vigorous Rehabilitation. MS500 Electric Roller Delivers Intense Vibrations With Its Unmatched Vibration Engine. Capable Of Up To 3600 Rpm To Take You From Rigid To Relaxed In No Time!
  3. Dual Massage Zones Deliver a Smooth And Variable Personal Massage Experience That Seamlessly Adapts To Individual Muscle Recovery Needs For Your Maximum Benefit. The MS500 Massage Roller Works 2x Better Than a Traditional Foam Roller, Massage Ball And Massage Gun, Great For Rolling On The Back As a Back Roller, Leg Roller, And Muscle Roller. Its Vibration Is Perfect For Running, Swimming, Crossfit, Yoga, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Cardio And Other Exercises And Workouts.
  4. Customize Your Treatment – Restore Muscles And Maximize Performance With The Only Vibration Foam Roller With 4 Intensity Settings And 1 Pulsating Setting! Each Setting Relaxes And Repairs, Sending Vibrations Deep Into Your Muscles With Every Pulse!
  5. Relax, It’S Rechargeable – Not Only Is Your Foam Roller Vibrating Massager’s Battery Rechargeable, But It Lasts For Over 4 Hours! It Includes a USB Cable, But There’s No Need To Pull It Out Just Yet. The Roller Arrives Pre-Charged!
  6. Hit Every Workout Hard For Life When You Warm Up And Recover With MS500 Vibrating Exercise Roller! Ensuring That Every Training Session Is Your Best One Yet. We Support Here For You!
  7. Don’t Skip The Gym Because Of Stiff, Sore, And Painful Muscles. Instead, Minimize The Pain With MS500 Powerful Vibrating Foam Roll For Powerful Athletes. Rolling Out Muscles, Coupled With Knock-Out Vibrations, Improves Mobility, And Flexibility While Helping Break Up Crippling Muscle Tension.
  8. The Crucial Cooldown – Avoid The Post-Workout Pain When You Cool Down With Vibra! Your Foam Roller Vibrator Helps Reduce Lactic Acid Buildup, So You’Re Left Refreshed Instead Of Cramped—Even After a High-Intensity Workout.
  9. Plus, It Helps Accelerate The Natural Healing Process By Increasing Blood Flow And Oxygen To Muscle Tissue. Relax And Recover With Epitomie Fitness!
  10. The Only High-Tech Roller – Never Guess At The Battery Power Or Vibration Level. The Advanced Led Control Panel Lets You Know Exactly When To Charge Up And What Level You’Re On! Featuring An Easy-To-Use Power Switch And Click-Start Button To Change Settings, It’s Just As Easy As Using a Regular Foam Roller!
  11. Deep Tissue Massage Design – Innovative Honeycomb Design Helps You Hit Your Workouts Harder Than Ever Before Since It Decreases Recovery Time! The Vibrating Massage Roller’s Unique Honeycomb Grid Pattern And High-Density Foam Mimic a Massage Therapist’s Hands, Working Deep Into Each Muscle You Roll Out.

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