MS600 Kinesiology Sports Elastic Muscle Tape


MS600 Kinesiology Sports Tape Elastic Waterproof Cotton Athletic Muscle Tape Is a Super Thin, Highly Elastic Therapeutic Tape That Provides Support And Compression For Sports Injuries, Muscular Tension, And Joint Distortions.


Shanghai, China

Production Capacity

500~3000 Pieces Per Day



Payment Terms

D/P, L/C, PayPal, T/T, VISA, Western Union


95% cotton + 5% spandex


Black, Blue, Customize Color, Red


muscle tape relieve pain



Transport Package

Plastic bag / Master carton / Custom package acceptable





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We promoted the technical innovation in the sports facilities production. The MS Industry has been keeping developing!

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We provide with free on-site return within 3 months. But gain PERMANENT GUARANTEE with long cooperation order!

Payment Terms

We are committed to providing the most convenience payment terms; The Clients can choose T/T, L/C, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and West Union!

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The most environmentally friendly and strong packaging, the clients no need worry in the delivery process!

Transportation & Delivery

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Details About MS600 Kinesiology Sports Elastic Muscle Tape


Designed To Have The Same Profile And Elasticity Of Skin, Ms600 Kinesiology Tape Is Applied With Medical Grade, Heat Sensitive Acrylic Adhesive. Kinesiology Tape Was Originally Invented By Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese Chiropractor, In The 1970’s To Closely Support Muscles And Joints During Every day, Leisure And Sports Activities, Kinesiology Tape Provides Compression Without Restricting Movement.


1, Ms600 Can Be Used To Support Muscles During Sports Activities And To Address Muscular Tension.

2, Ms600 Has The Function That  Activates The Endogenous Analgesic Systems.

3, Ultimate Performance– Waterproof Sports Wrap Tape, Ideal For a Wide Variety Of Applications, Including Injury Healing And Physical Therapy, Sports, Workouts, Daily Comfort, And More.

4, Great For Injuries – Supports Fast, Effective Healing For Torn Acl, Dislocated Patella, Shoulder Tears And Strains, Ankle Sprains, Wrist Injuries, Sore Back, Hip Conditions, Joint Or Muscle Pain.

5, Best Kinesio Tape  – Kinesiology Tape Is a Superior Solution Compared To Braces And Wraps, Which Get Hot And Sweaty And May Cause Swelling Or Impede Natural Movement And Delay Healing.

6, Easy To Use – Apply The Tape One Hour Prior To Sports Activity Or Showering – This Allows The Glue To Adhere Fully. Skin Needs To Be Free Of Oil, Sweat, Lotion,  Or Water Prior To Applying The Tape.

7, Long Time Working- Kinesiology Style Tape Is Designed To Be Worn For 3-5 Days. An Hour After Application It Will Withstand Athletic Activity And Showering Without Coming Off.

8, How To Use?

  • Apply The Tape One Hour Prior To Sports Activity Or Showering – This Allows The Glue To Adhere Fully.
  • Try To Avoid Over-Stretching The Tape During Application To Avoid Skin Irritation.
  • Reaction To The Tape Is Rare, But New Users, Or Users With Sensitive Skin, Should Look For Signs Of Irritation.
  • After Application, The Tape Should Be Rubbed To Activate The Heat Sensitive Glue. Nb Do Not Use a Hairdryer To Activate The Glue.

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